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JET PILOT INC. - Professional Pilot Services

Bryan L. Hawley - Pilot Many business owners today are searching for an efficient, cost effective alternative to expensive, inconvenient airline travel. With all the security concerns and associated delays involved with airline travel today, a two-hour round trip flight can easily cost you a full day’s productivity.

JET PILOT INC. established in 2005 is dedicated to providing dependable and effective Independent Contract (IC) Pilot Services to the corporate aviation community. With thousand's of hours of International and Domestic flying, we can help provide the flight department manager and their passengers with the safety and professionalism they expect and demand.

Available by the day, week or month for:
1) Temporary "fill-in" assignments
2) Augmented crew for long range flights
3) Crew training & IOE "buddy rides"
4) Aircraft sales demonstration flights
5) FAA proving flights
6) Worldwide ferry flights.

For those times when you need help in your flight operations, we will be there for you. We can provide you with Resume, professional documents and Flight Safety training documents, so you can build a Pilot Record folder for your files. JET PILOT INC. hopes we can do some work together in the future. We are always here to help you out when you need that "extra hand." A "Contract Pilot" can be a valuable asset.

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